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I am fighting in the War against AIDS!

Why We Do It

Pets are important for health and emotional well being. For people living with HIV/AIDS, the mental and physical health benefits of having pets are even more important.  In addition to providing companionship, pets give their owners joy, comfort, and unconditional love so needed while battling this terrible illness.


We can help provide the right support to the victims of AIDS which can help lead them a quality life.


We want to make sure that the right supplies are reaching the right person when you need them to help you stay healthy.


Our experts can make sure that you have the right kind of help when you need to make sure that you have the right companion to get you through it.

Who can volunteer for PAWS?

We need people of all different skill levels and interests. We will do our best to match you up with volunteer opportunities you will enjoy. Most of our volunteer opportunities are open to people of any age.

Dog Walking

Volunteers on dog walking teams help walk dogs for clients who are bed-bound or homebound. We ask that volunteers take on pets closest to their own neighborhood. Dog-walking volunteers usually walk a dog one to three times per week on a team of scheduled volunteers.

Cat Care

Volunteers on cat care teams clean cat pans for clients who are unable to clean the pan. Volunteers are responsible for one cleaning a week unless otherwise arranged. We ask that volunteers take on pets closest to their own neighborhoods.

Other Animal Care

While it is rare, we will sometimes have requests for in-home help with other pets such as birds, bunnies, and fish. We also get requests for specific needs sometimes as bathing or nail clipping. Care instructions will be provided.

PAWS currently serves 75 clients with 110 pets throughout the Capital Region, and we are proud to be able to offer such a valuable and needed service to our community.

Sponsors and Donors

We’d like to acknowledge some of those who make PAWS possible through their support and generosity…

AIDS Partnership

CAP-CR represents a collaboration of local funders, persons living with HIV/AIDS, community and business leaders, clergy and AIDS service providers.  

Our Brothers’ Keepers Foundation

OBKF is a grass roots organization which raises funds to support programs that offer direct services to persons living with HIV/AIDS.

Communication Services

Communication Services is a full-service marketing & communications firm specializing in serving the needs of not-for-profit organizations, public agencies and businesses who understand that a successful.

When you have someone waiting for at the door step which can come to help to feel wanted and loved no matter what you are suffering from.

Shirley D. Mance

Latest Form Our Blog

HIV Patients

How Dogs Help HIV Patients Live Longer

In all aspects, dogs are considered to be the ideal pet, and they lighten up everything by their presence. Through time, this unique experience has been classified as loyal, faithful and also enjoyable. Dog lovers from all around the world tend to share the same feeling, as they can relate to the same. But apart from that, their presence also boasts a particular occurrence. It is known that HIV patients tend to live longer when they are around the presence of a dog. So, to zero in on that and give you more insights., here’s a detailed review.

Helps Fight Depression and Anxiety

A common occurrence among HIV patients is the fact that they tend to be either or depressed or face anxiety issues all the time. Through studies and research, people have proven this factor and also spoken about why it happens. HIV patients tend to think about life as a burden, and they feel that their existence does not mean much. This false assumption needs to change, and that change can happen in the form of another companion. Yes, we are talking about dogs, people are happier around them. It is known that HIV patients tend to have some of the best moments when they are around their pet dog, and this statement has many reasons for the same. Since it is quite hard to find such behaviour quality in man, dogs tend to top the list and keep HIV patients happier than ever before. As feelings of existential crises disappear, these individuals look at life with another and better view. Hence, they eventually live longer.

Forget the Rest

When you are in the company of your pet, you tend to forget the world and enter your companion’s. This unique phenomenon is driven by the kind of presence that dogs create when they are around people. The kind of love that they share with their owners is something that is divine and pure. This chemistry goes for generations and continues to dominate. A selfless love that makes no demands is the kind of one that people want at the moment. So, when such individuals are around dogs, their thought process takes another turn and makes all the difference. In the end, since everything worked out for the best, one will be glad about the same.


The Good Memories


The kind of memories that you make with your pet are the ones that you will cherish and remember for the rest of your lives. These thoughts start right from the moment you first held the little fellow in your hands to the time when he/she came running into your hands. Hence, with unique memories, your mind will be clear and far away from distractions.

Tips to Care

Tips to Care for Your Emotional Health with HIV

Specific individuals come up with a conclusion that deems HIV to be the end of the world. Such wrong assumptions are what drives us into ways that are unthinkable and unimaginable. Getting affected by HIV does not conclude to ending the world but to a bigger step along the course of life. At this moment, you need to take care of your mental health and be emotionally stable at all times. The importance of this will be understood, the moment you start living the life that you lived all this while. But the process might not be easy, and there are a few points that will help. Hence, here are some tips to take care of your emotional health with HIV.


The importance of meditation is something which the world needs to understand, as they start losing the basic concept of peace. By meditating, you are channelling your inner self to live in peace and take life with the best of abilities. This goes ahead to promote emotional health that lets you be happy and lead a comfortable life that may not be affected by anything and everything.

Special Someone

We all have a specific individual who tends to have a special place in our hearts. This particular person will be there when we need them the most and their support is essential for this journey. Since we all want nothing but the best for ourselves, it is quite essential to explore this side of ourselves. This particular individual can be anybody, and even our pets tend to perform a strong bond of magic on ourselves. The support that we need at this stage can come from numerous ways, and we might not be aware of the same.


Physical exercise plays a major role when it comes to emotional stability, and we need to start acknowledging the same. Exercise can be an essential technique to distract ourselves and keep our body as active as possible. This is a crucial step that we need to take, to assure confidence and various other aspects back into our system.


A Dog

Although we spoke about pets, it is quite special to have a dog. Scientific research and such studies tend to predict that having a dog around will help the process and makes all the difference. Such pets bring in concepts like loyalty, honesty and create a bond that is stronger than ever. When you are with them, you tend to forget about the world and happiness is what you will experience. By all means, you will achieve the kind of stability that you need to get back on track and lead a life that finds happiness.

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